Soluble Technology Limited

soluble packaging solutions

Soluble Technology Limited is a family and friends business established in 2005 by its founder John Honeyford who by this time already had many years’ experience within the contract packaging sector and its use of water-soluble films. Today the team at Soluble Technology are a major force in promoting the use of water-soluble films within many sectors of industry both in the UK and Europe.

Increasing environmental pressures are forcing industry and consumers to consider the implications that their choice of plastic packaging can have on the end user and the environment. The risk of operator exposure particularly when handling chemicals and the problem of container disposal are just two of the issues that can be addressed with the use of water-soluble films offered by Soluble Technology.

Soluble Technology Limited was created to meet these challenges and has succeeded in its clear vision “To Contribute to the reduction of single use plastics by the use of environmentally friendly water-soluble films and improve workplace safety and efficiency.” Soluble Technology is a unique specialist contract packing business committing 100% of its production facilities to the use and promotion of these environmentally friendly water-soluble films and to promote the use of compostable materials and recycled outer packaging.

Soluble Technology can function as your product development partner, providing compatibility and stability checks which will enable us to recommend the most suitable grade of water-soluble film. Together with the utilisation of our soluble sachet production lines, assistance and where required supply of secondary packaging, powder blending and transportation we offer a genuinely great service.

Soluble Technology works with its water-soluble film supply partners in Europe and the UK to offer our clients an excellent range of water-soluble film products. So, whether you are looking to purchase soluble films, bags or sachets or looking for a truly experienced and reliable contract packing partner, Soluble Technology are here to collaborate with you.

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