Contract Packing Services

@ Soluble Technology Limited

To set up and maintain an in-house soluble film packing line requires significant commitment in terms of capital investment, staff and machinery. Therefore, outsourcing your packing requirements can be a strategic option for your business and with many years’ experience Soluble Technology Limited is well placed to meet your requirements.

Contract Packing Services by Soluble Technology LimitedThe packing of products into water soluble film creates demands which with our extensive knowledge, experience and range of water soluble films we can overcome and provide an excellent contract packing service utilising our soluble sachet production lines.

These environmentally controlled production lines ensure optimum humidity and temperatures which enables us to produce high quality water soluble sachets giving our clients the confidence to both develop their business and demonstrate their commitment to the environment by utilising this sustainable eco-friendly packaging.

We can produce a range of sachet sizes from just 30mm wide to 140mm width and sachet lengths from 40mm to 180mm.

Fill weights from 2g (for free-flowing powders) up to 250g sachets.

We also provide a bag filling operation for higher weights up to 10kg.

Currently we only fill powders into soluble sachets, but we do have experience in filling liquids and would consider suitable projects.

We can provide a complete contract packing service from small trial runs to larger scale production and provide a sample service, provision of outer packaging and transport services. Therefore, call the team at Soluble Technology for advice, technical information or a quotation.

Please contact the team at Soluble Technology for information.